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em terça-feira, 7 de março de 2017

Hello my readers today I will present another wishlist, this time from the online store Stylewe.
I'm going to present you with a selection of pieces of clothing that I liked and I think they would be a must have for the next stations.

The first parts to be presented will be the off soulders tops for buy click on word buy, a great fashion trend for this spring / summer. This first and elegant piece ideal for use in more festive events and with a skirt and light and very elegant.
Still within the same clothes theme I leave a more youthful suggestion and relax like this beautiful blouse in pink can be used on all occasions and with jeans and shorts. 
And finally last part within the same genre and this beautiful, elegant and lacy with bow in front, I love it.
Now another trend that will come this summer, are the retro bikinis, fifties decade. First I'll show you and this bikini with flamingos.
Now I would like to show you some maternity tunic tops, more relaxed. The first piece I want to show you will be, are this beautiful and elegant tunic to wear at any occasion.

I would like to invite you to know more about Korean beauty skincare, and a trend that is increasingly high and use among the famous! To learn more about this topic visit this blog post from the store. I hope you have enjoyed the choices.

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